These Rules of Conduct (the “Rules”) shall govern all portions of The James A. Farley Condominium (the “Property”). These Rules are designed to facilitate the proper use by the public in accessing transportation, arcades, restaurants, shops, offices, and other businesses in the facility, in traveling through the Property from one point to another, in waiting for transportation, and other services as may be permitted pursuant to these Rules. Authorized employees, agents and representatives of the James A. Farley Condominium (the “Condominium”) shall have the authority to enforce these Rules. These Rules apply to all areas in which they are posted. The Rules shall remain in full force and effect and shall be subject to enforcement notwithstanding any adverse or unexpected conditions or circumstances such as but not limited to adverse or inclement weather conditions and/or governmental orders relating to closure of workplaces.

Publicly accessible areas of the Property are open to the public daily between 5:00 AM-1:00 AM.

Under these Rules, the following activities are not permitted:

  • Public Space Obstruction, e.g., camping and/or the erection of tents or other structures. Lying or sitting down on the ground, or lying down on the public sitting areas or walkways or otherwise interfering with the use of the public sitting areas or walkways by others. The placement of tarps, sleeping bags or other coverings on the property, for any purpose. Placing personal property on the ground, public sitting on areas or walkways or other designated public areas in a manner that interferes with the use of areas by others.
  • Removing of Items from Trash or Recycling Receptacles.
  • Unauthorized Commercial Activity, e.g., panhandling, soliciting money or other contributions or donations or distributing commercial advertising or promotional material of any kind, including (but not limited to) selling items or making any such items available either for sale or in exchange for a donation or contribution or consideration of any kind (except to the extent such conduct is permitted by a tenant who occupies space in the Property pursuant to the terms of an authorized occupancy agreement).
  • Unauthorized Transportation Assistance, e.g., offering or agreeing to carry bags for hire or flag taxicabs for hire.
  • Public Intoxication, including entering or remaining in the Property, or on the trains, or by building entrances while one’s ability to function safely in the environment of the Property is impaired by consumption of alcohol or by the taking of any controlled substance.
  • Disruptive Conduct or Behavior likely to provoke a disturbance or infringe on the rights or peace of other patrons including (without limitation) apparel, gestures, obscenities, slurs based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity, sexually explicit language or excessive noise or music, littering, damaging, defacing or abusing the building, artwork, landscaping or other structure or property.
  • Entering Restricted Areas, e.g., entering or attempting to enter any area to which public access is limited or otherwise restricted by any means, including, but not limited to barricades, fencing, doors and signs, or entering or leaving the Property or the trains except by designated entrance ways or exits.
  • Photography or Videotaping of the Property or the operations at the Property, by any means (e.g. camera shoots, drones), without expressed written authorization from the Property. However, Property Management welcomes personal (and not commercial) photography of friends and family in public areas.
  • Smoking, Vaping or use of Illegal or Controlled Substances.
  • Carrying or Making Use of, Illegal Weapons (including replicas), or any object that could be or may be intended to be used as a weapon.
  • Alcoholic Beverages, except in designated areas.
  • Behavior Endangering the Safety of Others, including engaging in fighting, assaulting another person or persons or threatening another person with such conduct and throwing, dropping or causing to be propelled any object, projectile or article, at, from, upon, or on the Property or any train.
  • Failing to be Fully Clothed, including not wearing shirt or shoes.
  • Congregating and/or Hindering the routine flow of patrons, including obstructing entryways or creating a disturbance or safety hazard.
  • Unsafe Activity, e.g., using skateboards, rollerblades, Segways/Hover boards, cycles of any kind, sitting or leaning on planters, tables, trash receptacles, railings, steps and escalators or elevators, use of UAVs, etc.
  • Unattended Baggage, which shall be subject to search and seizure.
  • Unleashed or Unattended Animals.
  • Failure to Observe the Hours of Operation, including the failure to leave the Property promptly at the close of business or as otherwise directed by security personnel.
  • Violating any applicable Federal, State or Local law, ordinance, order, rule or regulation, including the Long Island Rail Road Rules and Regulations.


Any person violating any of these Rules may be subject to removal from the Property and/or subject to criminal prosecution. The Condominium reserves the right to amend, modify, alter and/or add to these Rules at any time for any reason, with or without public notice.

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In case of an emergency call the police at 9-1-1 or Amtrak Police at 1-800-331-0008.

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