Elmgreen & Dragset (31st Street Entry)

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“The Hive” by the artistic duo Elmgreen & Dragset, a striking installation commissioned for the Moynihan Train Hall, reimagines the essence of global metropolises through a 1:100 scale model of an inverted cityscape. With miniaturized skyscrapers, including those from iconic cities such as Chicago, Hong Kong, and New York, the work hangs from the ceiling, offering visitors a dynamic and multifaceted view reminiscent of both modern urban development and primeval shelters. This installation, lit with LED lights and made from materials like stainless steel and polycarbonate, is not only a technical marvel but also a conceptual piece that reflects on the interconnectedness of cities and the cultural melting pot that is New York City. Elmgreen & Dragset’s creation, invoking natural structures like a beehive and the stalactites of ancient caves, stands as their first permanent public sculpture in New York, continuing their tradition of transforming everyday environments with unexpected and thought-provoking art since 1995.