Kehinde Wiley (33rd Street Entry)

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Kehinde Wiley’s “Go,” a vibrant stained glass triptych in Moynihan Train Hall, showcases the dynamism of Black New Yorkers through the lens of breakdance, juxtaposing urban street culture with the grandeur of classical European art. Set against a luminous backdrop that mimics the sky, Wiley’s subjects perform gravity-defying moves, traditionally associated with religious figures, rendered in their everyday attire. This work, Wiley’s first permanent, site-specific installation in glass, reflects his ongoing exploration of racial and social narratives by placing Black and Brown individuals within the context of Western art history. The piece not only celebrates the physicality and spirit of its subjects but also dialogues with the architectural elements of its setting, offering a contemporary twist on the divine ascent to the heavens and underlining the inherent nobility and talent within these communities.